Thursday, February 11, 2010

Combi Infant Sunny Shoes - Marine Blue/Pink

Combi Infant Sunny Shoes -  Marine Blue/Pink

Retail Price:RM149  NOW RM107(28% off!!!)
Postage: RM6 per pair

Size for Marine Blue:

Size for Pink:

Product Feature
  1. Inner cushion lining protects and supports the baby's feet.

     2.  Simple and conveninet shoe buckle with veicro tape design.

     3. The hook tag at the heel makes fitting the shoes easy.

    4. The shape of the heel is designed to hold the baby's foot in place.
        Soft, fiexible fabric provides maximum comfort. 

   5.  Round toe box shape provides additional comfort and room for the baby to wriggle their toes. Curved toe design increase the baby's stabillity when learning to walk.

6.   Small air holes in the sole of the shoes increase ventilation and comfort. -Dome shape inner soles keep the baby's feet in the correct position when walking. - Shoes come with two inner soles (small and large) to ensure the perfect fit. 

7.    The shoes are designed to work in hamony with the walking motion making walking easier. -Groowes in the outer sole make the shoe easy to band making walking easy.

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  1. I like that shoes really very cute thanks for sharing nice of kids shoes
    i like my Trainers Shoes



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