Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Combi Buon Junior Car Seat

Combi Buon Junior Car Seat-(RM699 RM200 off)

Retail Price: RM899
Sales Price: RM 699(RM200 off!!)
COD only

  • Suitable for baby 15-36kg
  • For age 3-11 years old
  • For children height 95-145cm
  • Dimensions: W455xD455-465xH670-810mm
  • Product Weight:  4.2kg
  • Color available : Brown,Black


    1. Duo venlilation system with ventilated seat pad and air gate.

    2. Big drink holder can be attached to the left or to the right.

    3. Easy-cleaning material poly-urethane is used on area where is the easiest to get dirty

    4.  Egg Shock is added to head pad to protect baby from vibration shock when car is in motion.

    5. Shoulder belt guide is adjustable according postioned. Backrest can be used up to 11 years of age and protects child from major side impact.

    6. The first adjustable shoulder belt guide in Japan. Ensures seat belt is correctly positioned. (Patent pending)

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