Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let Us Show You How to Differentiate the ORIGINAL and the FAKE

Recently we found out that there are a lot of online shop are selling the different type of branded baby clothes. Most of them are using the stock photo provided in the official homepage, some of them not even showing the label of the clothes. As a seller, we understand that the buyer is always hoping that the item they purchased is worth for every single cent spent, therefore, we decide to write up this to show to our customer the way to differentiate the original and the fake product. We have spent a lot of time to find the picture of the fake label, below are a few sample of the fake label.

There are a few types of Gap label, some of them are printing label on the shirt itself, some of them are clothes label.

Here is one type of fake label, please notice that babyGap fonts is not matched with the original babyGap at all!!. These are the most common label found in sleepwear!

Here is another label which print the fake Gap logo.

Let's start with the hot selling pre-order recently. Again, the supplier only provided the nice stock photos for pre-order. We managed to get the actual photos of the clothes itself, notice the label, 100% PIRATED label, We can guarantee that you cannot find this type of label in any of the Gap store. So I am pretty sure that those who had book/reserved the clothes will get exactly the same with the picture.

And look at the colors of these pyjamas, which gap website/store is showing that they have this color for this design? The answer is NO, you WILL NOT find any pyjamas like this one in an of the gap store, obviously, it is FAKE!

Now, let us look at all these Gap T-shirt, don't they looks nice as a official photos? Yes, We definitely agree that the designs are very NICE!

so what does customer get after they order by seeing the stock photo only? Notice the blue label of the Gap, please don't assume that it is an original gap as it's label is fake also. Do you see the blue label included in the stock photos? NO!! Again, they are FAKE Gap!

Let me show you the ORIGINAL Gap label.

 Let's see how's the original Gap pyjamas looks like. We are temporarily not selling that as the current market are full with all these pirated Gap pyjamas. These pirated pyjamas selling price is even cheaper than the wholesale price of an original Gap pyjamas, that's a really tough job for us to tell the customer what is the difference of the pyjamas.

Note: we brought in a batch of original babyGap sleepwear recently, a lot of customer only realized the sleepwear they used to buy is pirated babyGap when they see our photos. And we do received a very good response from customer on the original babyGap sleepwear. however, there are still some customers has doubt on our clothes, is that original? Especially when they see the packing of the pirated sleepwear, it is almost the same with our original packing. actually if you do compare in details, they are DIFFERENT!!!Now, let us show you how to differentiate again! :)

let's have a look at the Pirated sleepwear packing, do you notice their hanger? it is just a normal hanger. and it is very short hanger. (btw, thanks for the pirated babygap sleepwear seller for posting this picture in fb, then only we have the chance to show everyone the difference..:)

original package- Look at the hanger? do you find the difference? babyGap sleepwear will always have age stated outside of the packing, either on the plastic cover or the hanger. 
Let's have a close up to the hanger, and what is used on the pirated packing to clip the paper? they use staple, look at the original packing, they use thread! We can see how thoughtful is babyGap, perfect in every details!!  
Let's take a look at another sample of the packing exported to different country.
Look at the back of this paper, it stated the details of the clothes. 

Notice the yellow cards attached together with the pyjamas? Normally the original Gap /old navy pyjamas shall have this yellow cards.

Our advice: never ever buy from the shop which do not provide the actual photo of the item and proof that they are selling the original clothes. We know how precious is a baby to a mother, so we always insist on original clothes which carry the best quality. 

We always believe that, the service and the quality of the product are the key things to keep the customer, our main concern is always the quality of the product itself. Pictures shown in this online shop is NOT ONLY to show the pattern and design of the item, for us, we want to let the customer to see for the item quality and make the decision accordingly.

We hope everyone will enjoy their shopping here....:)

P/S: This article is just our experience for online shopping throughout these years, we are not against any specified online shop.


  1. OMG, I just bought 2 lot (12 pcs) of the fake babyGap Pyjamas. Indeed, the quality is bad. Thanks for sharing.

  2. me too...thanks for sharing, i really appreciate this info...really hate product from china, less quality

  3. As a Gap Designer I commend you on this post. Well researched and accurate information. Thank you for this work.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi, i just found out this is very useful for me to confirm and find other supplier. Other than this ,do you have any sharing for other branded items such as NEXT, Adidas, POLO? Thanks a lot!

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